Reasons Why Paper Shopping Bags Are Better Branding Vehicles Than Plastic


Most businesses today especially those that are engaged in manufacturing and retailing business are utilizing shopping bags as a marketing tool because of its wide appeal to the consumers. Hence, for an innovative and practical entrepreneur like you it is necessary that you start using bags as your promotional vehicle. Paper and recycled Kraft bags are perfect medium for two reasons: they are cost-effective way of advertising your business and they create less industrial wastes compared to bags that are made from plastics.

Businesses are now starting to promote the “go green” slogan to get the support of the mass who becoming more aware and educated about the current environmental turmoil we are facing today. Though the intention of these business owners are not 100% genuine in pushing green business, they still make a huge impact in advocating “green business” and “green practices” in our society. This helps them create a positive company image in the market. Any business that employs environment friendly products in the operation of their business will certainly earn a good image in the public as they demonstrate social responsibility and concern towards the preservation of our planet.

Today a big portion of the total consumers have shown a greater enthusiasm in using customized paper shopping bags than plastic bags. People have started to start reusable bags as a carrier of their purchases at department stores or any other retail stores. The popularity of reusable paper bags is a great opportunity for business owner and retailers to strengthen their brand marketing strategy. One way of attracting more customers is by giving away customized paper bags. It is a great promotional tool that will surely boost business sales. For that to happen, you have to make sure that people will reuse your bags in public places to effectively deliver your brand message to your target market.

One of the reasons why paper shopping bags are more preferable that bags made of plastic is that they are more economical and ideal for any budget. Moreover, they are environmental friendly because it can be reused and recycled. They are also manufactured from recyclable paper therefore the production of paper bags cause less impact in the environment. Another advantage of using paper made bag is it is much cheaper to print your company logo or promotional message on paper than in plastic shopping bags. Furthermore, shopping bags have enough space that can be used as a promotional area for printing your company logo or message.

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