Mid-Life Career Change – Should You Chance It?


The myths surrounding the mid-life crisis has grown to epic proportions. We now accept that in mid-life you will end up feeling a sense of restlessness and probably commit some kind of stupid or reckless act. Although there is a grain of truth in it, our idea of mid-life crises is vastly inflated. The desire for change and new experiences is not limited to mid-life, but in our middle years we are often freer to try new things. Often our financial situation is more stable, our home life more secure, and our opportunities more diverse. This can lead to acting out, bad decisions and even life altering mistakes. On the other hand, it may be the time to muster the courage we lacked in our youth and dare to pursue dreams that were once tossed aside.

Mid-life Crisis or Opportunity?

It is safe to say that not all mid-life decisions are bad ones. The urge that leads us to desire change and excitement can also lead us into new pathways and open doors of opportunity. The key to negotiating your mid-life successfully, lies in learning to recognize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

If you are restless, wondering if it is the right time for a career change, take time to examine your feelings thoroughly. It is possible that something as simple as a sabbatical could give you renewed focus and help you once again find job satisfaction. Or perhaps a new program of training would give you a new approach and therefore a new enjoyment in your job. If taking a sabbatical or getting training do not supply the necessary revitalization you are looking for, it might be time to consider a career change. It’s just possible there is something you could be doing that will take you to a new level of job satisfaction and reward.

Finding the Next Great Thing

If you do choose to make a career change you may need to re-enter university for the new field of endeavor. Many universities now offer distance learning courses or evening courses that will allow you to train for your new profession while continuing to work at your existing job. Re-entering university is not the easiest thing, but you will be surprised at how enjoyable you will find your classes once you get settled into the new routine.

After gaining the training you will need to move into a new position, you can begin to search for jobs and get ready to make the transition in full. A mid-life crisis does not have to mean stupid decisions and regrettable actions. It can mean a chance a sabbatical, for training in new business paradigms, or even re-entering university and finding a new career in another field. Mid-life is a great time to re-invent yourself.

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