Important characteristics of drama novel


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If you like books of the dramatic genre, keep on reading, for we will direct you to the place where you can find the best selection of them and, in addition, we will talk about their most important characteristics to clear up your doubts.

Drama is a very old genre, dating back to Ancient Greece when texts were written for theatrical performances. Until now, it has grown a lot and become more flexible in terms of structure and way of staging.

Dramas generally inspire us to have a better life, and through the actions in the plot, we can identify ourselves from what happens to us in our own experiences. Let’s take a deeper look at the genre and why so many people enjoy it.

The origin of the dramatic genre

In Ancient Greece, writers wrote comedies and plays performed at Dionysias, festivals held in honor of the great god Dionysus. There is a competition where the writers (poets) have to show off various appearances with the actors.

In the end, the jury decided on the winner, and a kind of award was presented to him. In time, almost the entire city was able to attend the show. The audience witnesses the most amazing stories and experiences a phenomenon called catharsis.

Catharsis is the public’s way of washing away their sadness through the suffering of the characters in the case of drama works.

Sophocles, Euripides, and Aeschylus were the most prominent dramatic poets of the time, whose works we can still read and perform. Great works, such as Oedipus Rex, Antigone, Prometheus Enchained, and Medea, are a priceless universal literary legacy.

In time, names such as Shakespeare and Lope de Vega rose to prominence and continue to be references to the genre worldwide.

The main characteristics of the drama genre

To understand genres better and to be able to identify them fully, we need to describe each of their characteristics. Let’s see what it is.

Dialogues, soliloquies, and sidelines

Dramatic works mostly consist of dialogues between characters in which they convey their ideas. A soliloquy or monologue is a work in which the characters express their intimate reflections and thoughts aloud. And finally, in between those are the thoughts the characters speak to themselves without anyone present to hear them.

Structure by action

Instead of chapters, dramatic works have acts that mark the work’s high points and milestones in the plot. The scene divides acts, and there are no character changes in them.

Poetry and prose

Many dramatic works have poetic fragments in verse or, of course, the entire work. It can also be written in prose, closer to the narrative. After all, there are expert writers. However, nowadays, it is not common to see this genre written down in verse.

Universal Theme

The themes that inspire this novel are universal themes that concern most people, such as love, injustice, jealousy, revenge, hatred, and others. Within the plot, the characters are linked through conflict, which, one way or another, is eventually resolved, though not always in the best way, as in the case of Romeo and Juliet.

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