How To Motivate Yourself To Smash Sales Targets Using NLP Visualisation Techniques


When you know how to motivate yourself you can smash all sales targets and make it easy to achieve success in a selling or management role, or when running your own business.

Sales motivation is the driving force that gives you the energy to take actions that will lead to sales. You get this positive motivation from the pictures and dialogue you make internally, and the feelings you have about achieving your targets. Negative motivation, or de-motivation, comes from having internal self-talk and images that lead you to feel targets are not achievable. Using NLP techniques (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you can take control of what goes on internally, in your mind, and with a simple reframing exercise use it to get yourself feeling motivated and positive.

Try this example:

Often sales people will not be aware that they are talking to themselves or that they are actually making internal pictures of their sales target. They are even less aware of the impact that these words and images have on their motivational state. To make you aware of what goes on in your mind try this NLP exercise:

The first step in learning how to motivate yourself is to think about your sales target for the next sales period. Whatever period of time you are measured and targeted over, a week, a month, or a quarter, think about your target and what it looks like. Wait until you become aware of the image you make in your mind’s eye that represents your target and then examine it.

What sort of image is it? Some sales people can see a huge obstacle between themselves and their target, perhaps a mountain or long distance. Others see and feel something holding them back. When I’m using these NLP techniques to coach sales people I hear descriptions like: It’s like walking through treacle, or my targets is a mass of chewing gum. Those that see obstacles talk about climbing a mountain or the target being too big to overcome. Some see the objective a long way into the future and past the end of the sales month. The comments they give me are the same comments they make to themselves internally at the start of each sales month.

Now take control of the internal images and dialogue

If the internal images and self-talk that goes on in your mind are similar to those above, or are negative and de-motivating, you can understand what that will do to your drive and energy levels. Learning how to motivate yourself is about taking control of the images, dialogue, and feelings, that take place internally in reaction to a situation. You may not be able to change the situation, for example your sales targets, but you can change your reaction to it. Changing your reaction will change the outcome of that situation, in this case your sales results.

Now use an NLP technique to take control of your motivation. See your internal pictures of your target and break it down into smaller chunks. If you see a large mountain when you think about your target, break it down into small rocks that represent each day’s required sales. So instead of one big mountain you see twenty small packages of rocks. If you see sticky substances or long distances between you and your sales target, break the target into small packages of daily sales and place them in a row at small intervals. When you see your target as one big goal at the end of the month it creates a big distance for you to cover. When you have a small daily goal you can focus on that small step that you take each day to reach your daily target.

Daily motivation to hit sales target

You can motivate yourself by focusing only on what you have to do today. If you have exceeded your daily number of sales you are over target from day one. Think about that, you can give yourself some positive self-talk and feedback on day one of the month. If you see your target as one big goal you are unlikely to be exceeding your goal until near the end of the month. Sub-consciously you could perceive that you are in a negative position for most of the month until you hit your target. This is de-motivating and you can understand why some sales people feel like they are climbing a mountain every month. To learn how to motivate yourself, visualise breaking down your monthly or quarterly sales target, and the actions you will take to achieve it, into small daily chunks spaced at small intervals along a timescale.

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