How does work organization change with an office acoustic pod?

A Complete Guide To Acoustic Office Pods | Haiken

 The way we work is changing. Open-plan office environments appear to be a bit of a thing of the past, proving to be effective only in few cases. We have become more flexible than ever, and the existing office infrastructure needs to keep up with our changing needs and expectations. To accommodate and respond to this (r)evolution, the workplace of today has to provide its users with something more than just a place to sit and do the job. Modern office infrastructure needs to offer modern office workers tools to help them make the most of their potential – in many different ways. Since we have become much more flexible and versatile, our offices need to follow suit and provide us with all we need to get things done as effectively as possible. And this is where modern office furniture – with solutions like acoustic pods – comes into play to transform the office landscape as we know it.

More space for meetings

An office pod – also referred to sometimes as an office booth – is a small, soundproofed room-like furniture unit that can be used for phone calls, video conferences, and other work tasks that require concentration. Not enough conference rooms? Not to worry. An office pod can provide your office with more space for meetings. Lack of dedicated space for brainstorming sessions or intense teamwork? Office pods got you covered. It’s all about the right office organization ideas and making wise use of the available space. The pods can be used to create a meeting room within an open-plan environment, or act as effective settings for confidential conversations. The pods can also be used as break-out spaces for small groups. Plus, they help reduce noise levels in your office – and work great for heads-down work.

Provisional approach to video calls with clients

There are a number of ways to approach video calls with clients, but the most important thing is to be clear about what you – or the clients – want to achieve through the call. If you’re not sure, it’s best to adopt a provisional approach and see how the conversation goes. Start by asking your client if they’re okay with video conferencing. If the answer is ‘no’, that’s perfectly understandable – many people still prefer face-to-face communication. In that case, you can arrange to meet in person or use audio conferencing instead. If your client is happy to use video conferencing, then you’re all set! Just make sure you have a good internet connection and the right setting to focus on what you’re about to cover. And you don’t necessarily have to book a conference room – acoustic pods may well be the work organization tools you need.

Provide employees with privacy

An office acoustic pod can provide employees with the right amount of privacy they may need to perform their task effectively or recharge their batteries. This can be beneficial for employees who need to concentrate on their work or who simply want to break away from the hurly-burly of the office. And then there’s the noise reduction feature, which is obviously a plus for everyone.

Space for deep work

When you’re able to focus deeply on a task, you can get more things done in less time. That’s the power of deep work. And it’s something that’s becoming increasingly in demand in today’s open-plan office environments, where constant noise and distractions can make concentrating a real challenge. An office acoustic pod can offer your employees the space they need to do some heads-down work. By isolating themselves from distractions, they can focus on the task at hand and cross it off the list much faster.

Reduce the amount of office distraction

When you work in a typical office, you get to cope with constant distractions that can significantly affect your productivity. Whether it’s a coworker stopping by to chat, a printer jamming, or simply the general hustle and bustle of the background, it can be really difficult to focus on what needs to be done. But with the right office organization, furniture can become your major ally in overcoming distraction-related challenges. This furniture includes, of course, acoustic pods, which are becoming increasingly popular in offices as they provide a way for employees to have some peace and quiet while they work. By offering your people ways to avoid office distraction, you’ll be able to help them use their potential to the fullest and get more done during the day.

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