Going Back to Work After A Career Break or Maternity Leave


After a career break, going back to work can prove to be quite a challenge. Whatever the reason for the career break, the absence from work frequently causes feelings of reduced confidence and lack of certainty about your ability to perform a particular job.

If you are going back to work after say maternity leave and your job has been held open for you, the transition will be somewhat easier than if you had lost your job altogether. When parents return to work after taking a career break, they will usually find that getting back on track with their careers is eased by their employer’s understanding and willingness to help them ‘pick up the reins’ again. As part of their return to work policy, they will usually help you with a return to work interview which is great for career break returners and helps you to get back on the career path again.

However if you lost your job through redundancy or for another reason, especially if you have been away from work for some significant period of time getting back to work can be most difficult.

It can be difficult to be optimistic about getting a new job, especially if you are feeling a little hurt or bruised following redundancy, but even when you know you need to get started it can be difficult to get going.

You know you should be looking but you aren’t really feeling committed to going back to work.

You have given it some half-hearted thought because of pressure from others, but as this point you do not want to take it any further. Your confidence and motivation are being most severely tested. Deciding what you are qualified to apply for is the crucial issue now as it affects your whole approach to going back to work.

When you are ready to start actively job-hunting, you think about your skills and experience and start getting your CV or Resume up to date. You start a file to chart your applications and other activities and rehearse what you need to say when your first interview comes along.

Recognise that it can be disheartening and that your confidence can waver after the initial enthusiasm. You must learn not to lose heart, as a lack of early success can lead to a loss of motivation; but persistence, patience and perseverance will always pay off with the result you want.

Now. it’s all up to you and your own sense of determination, but with some expert help you may find that some things become much easier. With some guidance you can achieve the return to work that you desire, and the routes back into work after a career break or maternity leave can be made easier if you have the right helpful information.

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