Different Channels To Market and Promote Your Reseller Hosting Business


Want to sell web hosting plans and build a profitable web hosting reseller business? 

The best reseller hosting models often allow you to buy wholesale hosting and reselling plans at a markup. However, effective marketing is crucial to promote your reseller hosting plans and attract more clients. Let’s get into how you can promote your web hosting business. 

Ways to Promote Your Reseller Hosting Business

Here are 6 proven reseller hosting marketing strategies that can boost your web hosting sales:

  1. Create Educational YouTube Videos

Video marketing is highly engaging and popular today. Create tutorials showing how to use different features of your hosting plans. Walkthrough the control panel, file manager, databases, etc. 

Explain key terminology like bandwidth, storage space, and SSH access that clients may find confusing initially. Demonstrate the sign-up process and point out important selections. Videos build trust and establish you as an expert in managing servers and websites.

  1. Write Long-form Informative Blogs  

Publishing in-depth blogs helps attract organic search traffic over time. Write detailed guides like “5 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Hosting Plan” or “Complete Checklist for Improving Your Website Speed and Performance.” 

Avoid overt promotions in the content. Offer actionable tips and advice to establish credibility around hosting. Insert relevant keywords naturally related to your offerings to get found by searchers. End by summarizing key points and linking to the most suitable hosting plans.

  1. Leverage Targeted Email Marketing

Email allows personalized communication with contacts. Segment your list by client persona and industry. Create dedicated newsletters around key customer groups like e-commerce owners, bloggers, developers, etc. Send a regular newsletter with company updates, new features, special deals, etc. Share helpful resources like ebooks, infographics, whitepapers, and case studies. Personalize emails using merge tags. Create incentives to open, click on links, or upgrade hosting plans. 

  1. Optimize Website for Search Engines 

Most buyers research online before making purchasing decisions. Optimize website pages targeting keywords like “cheap reseller web hosting” and “managed reseller hosting” that match different search intents. 

Create dedicated category pages around Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Hosting for E-commerce Sites, etc. Naturally, insert keywords in title tags, meta descriptions, content, image names, schema markup, etc. Build high-quality backlinks from relevant websites to boost rankings. Improve page speed and mobile-friendliness.  

  1. Strategically Promote on Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn enable highly accurate targeting of audiences by demographics, interests, groups, social connections, etc. Share discounts or content offers as posts and ads to gather more leads. Join related LinkedIn groups in the web hosting space to connect with decision-makers. 

Participate consistently by answering hosting-related questions. After building rapport, directly message members with customized hosting solutions catering to their website and business needs. Retarget visitors across platforms using pixels to drive conversions.

  1. Consider Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google Ads and Bing Ads allow precise targeting by keyword, geo-location, operating hours, etc. Create efficient text and display ads around high commercial intent keywords like “unmetered reseller hosting,” “unlimited SSD reseller hosting,” etc. Set tighter location targeting parameters depending on the business footprint. 

Display ads when users actively search for hosting plans online to capture interest. Remarket visitors across Search, Display Network, and YouTube via Google Analytics. Implement universal event tracking for better optimization. Monitor metrics like click-through rate, cost per conversion, and Quality Scores. 


The best hosting reseller marketing strategy utilizes multiple channels for promotion. As no two businesses are alike, keep testing combinations to determine what delivers the best ROI. 

Analyze metrics around leads, conversions, and sales by source. Refine efforts towards the most profitable channels while scaling down underperforming ones. With consistent optimization, you will uncover the ideal marketing mix for sustainable growth.

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