Aerial Advertising Will Take Your Business to New Heights!


You’ve tried print ads, television ads and even radio spots but you are still not getting the business that you were hoping to obtain. It might be time to consider the much more affordable and proven method and art of aerial advertising. This unique and creative form of advertising has been proven to be more effective than all before previously mentioned methods combined! That might seem like a bold statement but it is based in fact.

When you think about advertising your company, service, or product you must first concern yourself with cost. The most expensive form of advertising is television, quickly followed by radio and then print. You must find new and creative ways to advertise that are also more cost efficient and reliable than the industry standards. That’s because the industry standards are slowly dwindling in reliability.

The Downfall of the Industry Standards in Advertising

Nine out of ten consumers in the world say that they are fed up with advertising! Commercials during television shows are generally a nuisance to those who view them. That is why so many people are now digitally recording their television shows and watching them later, so they can simply skip past all adverts and simply enjoy their show.

When it comes to radio most people would rather listen to a CD then to actually spend time listening to a local radio station that plays three or four songs and then cuts to commercials. Even if a person does listen to the radio they are more apt to turn the station while commercials are playing, then to sit idly by and endure them. This is also true of advertisements in magazines and newspapers. Most people consider these types of ads to be “junk” and “fillers.” They will simply flip the page without taking the time to view the expensive ad that you placed!

Consumers are overly aware of these three methods of advertisement, and the majority of them will do whatever is possible to avoid sitting through them.

This can be very frustrating for people who are looking to market their company in a way that will grab people’s attention and introduce them to their product or brand. That is why many people are looking into alternative methods of advertisement apart from the big three.

Does Aerial Advertising Actually Work?

Aerial advertising allows you to present a short message or advertisement in the form of a text banner, billboard ad, or logo ad, that is flown behind a plane over well populated places or events of your choosing. These types of ads are so under used, that consumers have yet programmed and trained their minds to avoid them. In fact, nine out of ten people who see an aerial ad will take the time to actually read the entire advertisement.

This is one form of advertisement where your potential customers will actually stop and see what you have to say or sell. In fact, nearly 90% of the people, who see an aerial ad, will recall the ad and what it said for up to a week! You can’t get that kind of guarantee with any other form of advertisement.

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