Advertising Facebook – Take Advantage of the Social Media Hype


Social media networking has received a lot of popularity in the last few years. Advertising Facebook is considered to have a lot of potential because of the millions of users that currently use this social networking site. To get a picture about the popularity of this site, consider these numbers from January, 2007 to April, 2010 the number of unique visitors on Facebook rose to 140 million from 20 million. It multiplied its numbers seven times in just over three years! For any given month, the numbers of visitors on Facebook are more than 3.2 billion and that gives a lot of potential to any company to reach a large target audience.

Leverage Your Advertising Funds

Advertising Facebook can be a good way to leverage your advertising funds by taking advantage of the staggering traffic that the site receives. Considering the amount of time that the average visitors spend on Facebook, it is safe to say that it is one of the best social media sites to advertise on. Any marketer today would seek traffic and Facebook is one of the most visited sites online. For marketing success, there probably could not be any other better social media networking site. The figures given above just indicate that Facebook is a very lucrative option for marketers who intend to reach a wider audience worldwide.

Advertising on Facebook can Provide Several Benefits

Facebook advertising can provide you several benefits as a marketer. Most of the annual revenue of Facebook is generated solely through advertising and this just indicates that it is a chosen advertising medium for a large number of companies today. One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook is that if offers a good deal to the marketers. When compared to Google, advertisers on Facebook will only have to spend a fraction of cost to get the same amount of traffic. When compared to Linked In, the charges that an advertiser will have to pay for advertising on Facebook are four times lower. Facebook also allows the advertisers to customize their advertising campaigns and choose a campaign that will fit into their budget and their requirements.

Easy Access to Target Customers in any Location

One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook is that the advertiser would be able to access target customers in any geographic location. Through the profiles of the users, information like the geographic location, interests, connections, educations and demographic details are easily available. There is a huge potential for the ads to go viral and so the advertiser would have the chance to advertise through multiple channels at no added cost. Facebook allows marketers to target specific traffic which leads to more conversions and better sales figures. Precision targeting is what defines Facebook ads and this is one of the biggest benefits that any advertiser can enjoy when choosing Facebook as an advertising medium.

Considering all the benefits that advertising Facebook offers, it is definitely one of the best channels available today for taking advantage of the social media hype.

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