What is Franchising? Basics of Franchising


In today’s world franchising is playing the biggest role in the entrepreneurial zone. When one thinks about franchising, food franchises like KFC and McDonald’s come to mind. But franchising is not just about foods. These days, where ever you go, you will find some business which is a part of some franchise network. In this article, I will help you explore the basics of franchising.

Franchising is a system, in which a business can expand. It helps in distributing the goods and services. It also helps in operating a business under a popular brand name. A franchisor or a business owner licenses its trade name (the brand) and its business methods (the way it operates) to a franchisee, who may be a person or a group of people. The franchisee has to agree with the franchise agreement.

The franchisor provides the support needed by the franchisee. The franchisee has to pay some initial fee and also a royalty, so that it could use the brand name and the business methods of that franchise.

Buying a franchise normally is a faster way to succeed as compared to starting your own business from scratch. But before starting, you should keep the following in mind:

  1. You will have to work hard to make it successful. Getting to work under a popular brand and with proven successful business models does not guarantee your success.
  2. If you think that buying a franchise will make you rich over night, you are thinking wrong. Not all franchises will be successful.
  3. You must have a good interest in the franchise you have bought. If you get bored with it later on, it will fail.

If you do franchising the right way and do proper franchise management, you will be successful, and your business will flourish. The franchise technology has grown significantly lately. You can use different softwares, available in market, to make your experience a much better and efficient one. These softwares simplify the nature of running the franchisor business model. The main features, good franchise software provides are data collection, corporate communications, administration, new store management, and marketing management, thus making your life easy.

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