December 8, 2021


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Top 5 Reasons To Use Casters

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Ergonomics in the industrial world is the various features in your shop that you use to increase worker safety and efficiency. Many business owners are focused on increasing safety and efficiency. In most industries, caster wheels are a great way to improve ergonomics when used to mobilize equipment. Here are 5 ways that casters can increase ergonomics. 

1. They Reduce Starting and Stopping Effort

Part of the problem with moving items around your shop is that they are stationary. This means that starting them will require extra force. However, casters can reduce the amount of effort it takes to start an object. Additionally, they don’t get out of control like some means of transportation, so they don’t require a lot of effort to stop them. 

2. They Increase Mobility

One of the most important features of a caster is its bearings. Within the caster, there is a raceway that allows for maximum mobility of your wheels. Therefore, adding casters will increase an object’s ability to be easily maneuvered in tight spaces. 

3. They Make Objects Easier To Push

You have probably noticed that it is much easier to push an object when it has wheels. This not only includes the amount of force required but also steering abilities. Adding casters can make your equipment easier to steer around your shop. 

4. They Improve Performance

Casters come with wheels that make it easier for an item to be pushed. You may think that this has nothing to do with your employees’ performance, but it does. If something has wheels, it is much easier to move and can be pushed quicker. This means that your employees will spend less time moving equipment and more time working. 

5. They Reduce Friction

Typically, business owners will only mount heavy-duty equipment on casters and leave other items to be pushed across a floor. This is because most people assume the only benefits of casters are ease of pushing and steering. However, reduced friction is also a benefit. There is less chance of fire when there is less friction in a dusty or high-temperature shop. 

There are many reasons that business owners would want to put casters on their equipment. Most people only appreciate the ease of pushing and maneuverability that comes from casters. However, they can do a variety of other things. For instance, they can improve your shop’s performance and reduce your chance of fire. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.