December 7, 2021


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Tips for Choosing Directories to Influence Your Search Engine Position

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Tips for Choosing Directories to Influence Your Search Engine Position

In order to earn a lot online, one must know the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) search engine optimization experts Strategies. That is why when I started blogging and earning money from blogging, I immediately looked for different articles online and downloaded ebooks to educate myself on how to make money with Google. I have also consulted different experts around so that they can help me in getting the job done.

For starters, one must know what search engine optimization means. It is the process of optimizing your website to rank high in search engines like Yahoo!, Bing and most especially, Google. Optimizing the website to rank high with different keywords in Google’s search engine ranking pages (SERPs). This will drive more traffic to the website, thus, posing higher probability for your website content to earn more. More traffic and visitors equate more chances of earning big. Of course, ads differ in rates depending on the advertiser and their country target.

From what I have read on articles and e-books I’ve downloaded, there are a lot of ways to make SEO work on your website. Here are some tips.

1. Download a WordPress theme that would suit your website. Make sure that your layout has good navigation methods, clean and can be read easily.

2. Download WordPress plugins that enhance SEO in your webpage. Try adding the All in One SEO Package.

3. Research for keywords that a lot of people tend to search for. Scatter these keywords on your web pages and find the top performing ones. Optimize these keywords in your future posts and ensure backlinks from other websites.

4. Getting links from other websites will up your online presence which means a lot to Google as this says a lot about your reputation on the said topic or niche.

5. Try writing articles for different article-writing databases online and link them back to your posts.

6. Use social media platforms to promote your website. These social media websites not only have a high reputation but also give you the opportunity to drive more traffic through repetitive likes and shares that other people can do, when they have found your posts interesting.

7. Lastly, content is king. Make sure that your content is valuable to your readers. Apply the appropriate keywords and optimize them so that the visitors that found your post on top of the SERPs will go back because your website writes good articles.

It is only when one has trained himself in applying the knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies to each one of these sites that a blogger gains mastery in search engine optimization and making money online. This takes a lot of practice but if you get the hang of it, it will be a worthy task and you can earn a lot from it. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.