January 18, 2022


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Great Ideas of Making a Fluid Water Logo For Your Company

A company’s logo is very important in a way that its design can affect the company’s success.

There can be huge amount of information with just the smallest shapes and lines in it. Logos are what guides client to the essence of your brand. When it comes to logo design, you’re probably going to find it quite difficult to do it yourself. Fortunately for you, below are some of the best ideas you may consider that will help you create a design that’s effective for your company.

First of all, you have to think about water effects that will work great. For instance, when you’re designing water, putting some ripple effects may be very subtle but definitely striking way to depict water. You should then include some text or shapes to show your clients the service of water.

If you have 3D geometric shapes, you can design its points into that of rounded edges by submerging it halfway underwater.

You can see a lot of water company logo designs with drop of water. It’s always a good idea turning items and shapes into those of water droplets. To make it more interesting, put in some new twist to make it a better interpretation of water.

Designing in Simplicity

Whenever you plan on putting in some text, the best designs would use a clean and simple font that goes with straight lines. Doing so makes it a lot easier for you to add contrast with various effects such as ripples and waves.

Script fonts are prone to get lost if inserted among the waves.

You can also have a line of text or a single letter to be elevated by using initialism just like this: Filter Pure Pentek Doing so helps you prevent your logo from appearing to be clustered with the words you put in.

There isn’t much of a problem that you will have to face when it comes to color. Essentially, there’s just blue and white for every water logo design you can find in the market. You should simply add your preference of hues of different variations to make your logo stand out from others.

Diving Deeper

There’s quite a lot of water images incorporated in almost all water design and you must be getting tired of only seeing those. If you do, you may choose to use nautically-themed objects to make your logo design stand out a bit.

You may choose to put in a trident to make it appear more elegant and strong. Or you can choose to add more complex visual symmetry design by putting a ship’s wheel somewhere in your logo.

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