Smart Upgrades for Your Dry Cleaning Business

When you own your own business, every dollar you save counts. In order to pay your dry cleaning employees fairly and stay ahead of local competitors, it helps to update the elements of your business that make it work occasionally. Here are some upgrades you may consider making.


Dry cleaners use a lot of energy. To make sure that you are operating as efficiently as possible, it’s a good idea to schedule an on-site energy audit. The auditor can tell you how well you are doing and suggest improvements to lower your utility costs. These improvements may include switching to a cleaner, less expensive energy source, or they may be as simple as reinforcing weather stripping or redirecting your ventilation.


Another way to increase energy efficiency is to purchase new equipment. Newer equipment also tends to clean more thoroughly and improve worker productivity by increasing pieces per operator hour. Your PPOH is directly related to how much business you can do. Ultimately, equipment upgrades make it possible for you to bring in more customers with quicker service.


Keeping track of all the clothes that come through your facility can be a challenge. Purchasing management software can help you with this process. It improves on the traditional dry cleaning conveyor by marking each piece with its own bar code to help you store and locate the item more readily. When the bar code is scanned, all the customer’s information shows up on the screen. With a little training, all your employees can start using the system, streamlining the process from intake to pick up.

Dry cleaning is a competitive business, and it pays to use cutting edge technology and equipment to stay ahead. With facility, equipment and tracking upgrades, you can ensure that you are doing everything in your power to make your business thrive.