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The sales of paper magazines have many steps; printing, distribution, and sale through newspaper agents. All steps incur a cost. The unsold magazine eats out the profit of the publisher. On the other hand, online magazines are distributed on the web without intermediaries, thus cutting the overall cost. The resource saved from distribution is allocated to new arrangements like devices and software, but at the end of the day, the digital publication is more rewarding than paper publication. As there are no intermediaries involved in between, the circulation of the magazine is universal.

Defies the geographic and political periphery

The digital magazine defies the geographic and political periphery; every issue of it can be read and subscribed to by potential readers residing in any corner of the world. The revenue generation potential is more as the audience is wide, and the brand equity could improve significantly along with revenue. If the content is the good and relevant word of mouth marketing will make the brand instantly recognizable among readers. The contents of The Island Now are outstanding, covering various spheres like finance, entertainment, business, and health. 

Different immersive articles

An article about headaches and remedies is published in the magazine explaining various causes, types, and preventive measures to avert them. The story is liked by many readers and shared with friends and family members even if they reside in another country. The reader could suggest subscribing and getting the latest content to read about different immersive articles on politics, finance, real estate, and health.

Use of social media

Opportunities in the online magazine are immense as it uses social media to reach the target audience and increase the popularity of the brand. Word of mouth is the most effective way of digital marketing, as the articles are of high quality it is shared with friends and family members by the reader. Over social media, people interact with other people through posts, comments, and likes. Online magazines pay heed to the comments of the readers and recourse their direction if needed. In an online magazine, the publisher understands the likes and dislikes of readers.

Interactive and dynamic

The Island Now delivers news in a fascinating manner, and the format is interactive and dynamic. The whole package improves the user experience of the reader, and as the medium is digital publisher can able to interact with readers. Subscribing to online magazines is more convenient; you buy and read from home, the office, and while traveling. The penetrative internet connection and extensive use of smartphones have made access to information and news extremely convenient. Last but not least online magazines are eco-friendly as it does not use paper and avert deforestation. 

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