October 26, 2021


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How to tackle the problems of faulty restaurant design

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Just about every restaurant suffers from a design flaw or two that needs a little careful planning to alleviate. Whether the problem is a full view of the bathrooms from the tables or a pass that is smack-bang in the middle of the room, it can take a bit of ingenuity to solve the issues at hand.

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Take a look at these common issues and how they can be resolved quickly and easily.

A tiny kitchen

Short of knocking down walls, this is one issue that can be hard to tackle; however, with a little ingenuity, there are workarounds. Not every innovation works, of course, but there are plenty that will.

One trick is to ensure that your menu is not jam-packed full of dishes; the more pared down your menu, the easier the dishes will be to make. There are also multiple appliances that can serve more than one purpose; therefore, if a dish needs specific equipment, it may not be worth having it on the menu. Smart storage solutions and foldaway workspaces can also free up room and make a small kitchen far more workable.

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The one table everyone hates

Every restaurant has one table that is badly positioned. It is either by the bathroom, in a draught, or has a full view of the cold rooms from specialists such as https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/cold-rooms. To alleviate this, try to sit at every table in the restaurant before you open; in this way, you can angle tables and chairs accordingly and ensure that no one is staring at meat in the freezer or patrons who have just used the bathroom! If you feel your tables are too close together or that there is no privacy, you can invest in lattice screens or raise the height of booths to create separated spaces.

No budget for a renovation

If your restaurant is newly opened, the budget for renovation is probably quite minimal; however, there is no reason you cannot make the most of what you have. Rather than opting for elaborate designs or out-of-this world ideas, stick to chic and simple looks that are fresh and clean. Just a coat of paint on the wall can make a huge difference, and even the colour you choose can create a great ambience.

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