October 26, 2021


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How Apprenticeships Can Help the Catering Skills Shortfall

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Food, recipes, dining out and healthy eating are everywhere we look. With reality TV shows inspiring chefs all over the country and celebrities keen to show off their culinary skills, it’s no wonder more and more young people are keen to train in this rapidly growing industry, and they are hungry, ambitious and ready to learn.

Staff Shortages

Amongst food industry professionals, it is well known that there is a shortage of available and qualified chefs. According to official data, there is a large turnover of staff amongst chefs, with 20{4ec66d537739005ccd5ed56e62ee5e9eb3f533a4d07ddf8b17a0db96e01adf11} leaving the profession each year – equating to approximately 19,000 qualified professionals. The problem with this increase in demand is being made worse due to chefs coming under more and more pressure to obtain specific skills.

A recent report by Recruiter highlighted this problem in a recent article, stating the hotel and catering industry saw the biggest increase in demand for short-term staff.

Recruiting and Training

According to research, the catering sector will need 11,000 new chefs by the year 2022, but the number of students and apprentice chefs does not equate to these figures.

Amongst the many establishments requiring qualified kitchen staff are pubs, which notoriously have a poor record at holding on to staff working in the food area of their business.

To address this problem, businesses are now being encouraged to develop their own training plans and to offer opportunities to anyone they feel has the potential and the desire to obtain their chef qualifications. The idea behind the scheme is that existing staff can be incentivised to assist with the training. This has the added advantage of having the help on hand when they need it, as they can train their colleagues on the job. Tasks such as using the kitchen equipment and ordering the necessary catering supplies from companies such as https://www.247cateringsupplies.co.uk can provide staff with vital skills for working in the restaurant industry.

With young people facing student loans and rises in the costs of living, many are feeling despondent and concerned about their futures. With initiatives like this being taken on by those working in the service industry, they have the opportunity to help fill the employment gap and help young people get a step on the career ladder in a growing market.

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