October 23, 2021


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Different Techniques From Different Camera Crane Movements. The society today demands too much when it comes to entertainment. Among the many different forms of entertainment the article will only put focus on the visual entertainment. There is need of a lot of equipment to make the many programs airing in the television today. The reason for this is the satisfaction of the audience who need to be entertained. Camera cranes and jibs are so important in quality filmmaking today even though there are other necessary equipment too. There are possibly so many designs and sizes that these mechanical devices can be made in. When crane movements are added with other dolly techniques they can be used to add drama effects to a production. A crane only moves up and down but there are so many other factors that are used to convey different expressions in filmmaking. The rise up movement is one good technique that is commonly used. Here the camera goes up in whatever speed is agreed upon. Depending on what the director wants the audience to see there are so many ways that these crane technique can be made very useful. The most common case where this shot could be used is in the case of rising up to the close up of a character. It can also be used to show over an obstruction where a good example is a wall fence and there is need to see what is on the other side. A revealing technique is also a good name to call this based on the above explanation. The crane up and away technique is another very important movement. This technique works best for moving characters like cars. It will begin with the character in question being in a closer shot. Then slowly the crane will move further away from the object revealing the whole of it. It will be like the car is moving out of focus but the camera working to bring it back.
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One very important trick even as the above is mentioned is the crane down and closer technique. The technique mentioned immediately above is the exact opposite of this one. It starts with the car far away and the camera crane either far up in the sky. What follows is that the camera comes closer giving the character a closer shot. This also works well when the character in question is moving.
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Another good technique that can be possibly used by a crane is a crane down with a look up tilt. In this technique it will start with the camera and the object clearly in the same horizontal level. The next thing is to move the camera downwards while it is still in focus of the character. That leaves the object in position and the camera down tilted in focus of the character. The movement will give you a dramatic angle from a normal angle with the movement of the camera crane.

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