January 17, 2022


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First Impressions

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When a client or potential client enters your office, it is not an employee of your company who first speaks to that person. It is your office itself which begins that first encounter. The client might not even realize that he or she is doing it but they will survey the office and begin to form an opinion of your business and the business that they are about to conduct with you. Do they sense strength, dedication and a desire to succeed or is the first impression more of a sense of disorganization and lack of self-confidence? Commercial interior design firms are professionals at insuring that your business offices make a great first impression.

Take a moment and think about how an environment can affect you perception of a place that you enter for the first time. It defines your expectations of encounter by connecting the space with other spaces you have experienced and the outcomes of those experiences. You enter a room and it is loud and stuffy, people are standing everywhere talking on cellphones and it feels chaotic. It is as if you just entered a subway car but without the slight feel of the motion under your feet. Next, picture entering a softly but well-lit room with a welcoming sofa and the sound of smooth jazz in the background. A man in a suit is sitting quietly on the sofa with a briefcase at his feet. This space feels more like the experience when you enter a limousine for a trip to the airport. You are relaxed and invited into the space.

Both experiences had the same end result, it transported you somewhere, but one was definitely drawing your mind to a calm and pleasant place while the other was hectic and disheveled. How do you want your clients to feel? Which frame of mind will be more conducive to making a sale? It all starts with your office and a first impression. Commercial interior design firms can help you ensure that you make the best first impression with every client who enters your office.

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