December 2, 2021


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Everything you need to know about Container shipment tracking

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The Container Shipment Tracking process in itself is of paramount importance as there is a lot of uncertainty in the entire shipping process. First party Companies fill the shipping containers with goods & after necessary payments expect that it will be taken to a port where it will be offloaded into a ship & shall reach its intended destination. However, a process like this which involves multiple steps, there is a strong possibility that an issue will arise. Keeping a tab on where the shipping container is at what point in time, gives clarity on where your package is as well. It puts one at ease & with gradual advancement in technology, this has become far simpler than before. Companies can make use of certain tools at their disposal to be alerted of such things & notify customers accordingly.

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The container shipment  process generally involves four kinds of parties which is why it’s tracking is of paramount importance to all four of them, they include:

  1. First Party – It’s the company responsible for the creation of goods or merchandise that needs to be transported from one place to the other via shipping containers. The first party could also be the receiver of goods in some cases. The first party cares about a container shipment tracking system as a disruption or a delay in shipping their containers could be a major disruption to their supply chain
  2. Second Party- This is the shipper or hauler who cares about container tracking because they are paid to move goods and would be considered liable if it’s not done successfully
  3. Third-Party- Also known as the “Logistic Providers” who help coordinate the shipment of goods on behalf of first parties by using various second party shippers
  4. Fourth Party- An independent body that will help the first party to organize their supply chain across various multiple third party logistic providers

Container Shipment Tracking is no longer a complicated process & the intent is always to keep a track of the ship. Cargo container tracking is usually carried out by remote satellite systems where the satellite images of the shipping container are pulled out anytime anywhere. These images can be then relayed to the base station & this kind of tracking is easily available without restrictions on location hence, it can be done anywhere. There is another kind of tracking system available which is the GPS tracking system, which is available in most kinds of vehicles. The equipment required is minimal & hence, the installation of such kinds of tools becomes easy. This kind of container shipment tracking system enables people to remotely access the exact location of the ship. It’s a simpler process and very common. 

Companies have their own personal container tracking system using GPS, Web, or Satellite technology & the customers can choose through which medium they are most comfortable being notified about the status of their package. One can choose to see the location via the web, phone, or email. Companies host such information on their websites as well or one can visit a website that specializes in container shipment tracking. Having an efficient freight tracking system is very important as a major source of comfort is provided to clients whose packages are in shipment. There are many more reasons as to why Container Shipment tracking is important, which includes:

  1. Operations become faster as you come to know of any delays and can act on them immediately
  2. The parties involved in a shipment process both at the dispatch end and receiving end can be notified of any delays or given an intimation of the exact arrival time to ensure that demurrage and detention costs are avoided
  3. Customer is King and the relations with them are of extreme importance for any brand! In this case, as well, complete transparency with them regarding the timeliness of the package arrival gives them the ability to adjust to any changes from their side & overall improves customer satisfaction
  4. This exercise also helps prevent additional operational expenses by providing a heads up to the first party regarding a delayed, lost, or compromised shipment © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.