Differences Between A Virtual Office And Co-Working Space

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The future of office space is looking brighter every day. Employees now enjoy limitless possibilities for work. Employers are open to these working models as they have proven more valuable and cost-effective than the traditional office setup. Moreover, workplace efficiency hasn’t dipped, with many companies reporting the opposite after migrating from the conventional office. Some of the big names being mentioned nowadays in that conversation are virtual offices and coworking spaces. The two are often confused, despite being completely different. Here are some main differences between a virtual office and a coworking space.

A Virtual Office vs. Coworking Space

Virtual offices, just like their name, exist only virtually. Some may argue that this is the significant difference between the two. However, in renting a virtual office, several services come with it. A physical address, reception, and call answering services are some primary benefits people can get. A virtual office is a fantastic solution for those who run their businesses from home but don’t want to use it as their business address. However, virtual offices can work for companies of all sizes.

A coworking space, on the other hand, is a physical space but has various configurations which are different from the conventional office. Entrepreneurs and startups usually rent them out. Coworking spaces are shared by several renters that work in collaboration. The model of office space is prevalent among small companies and entrepreneurs, and coworking spaces come in handy. They usually have a common room, conference rooms, lounges and lobbies, and personal offices.

Reasons to Go with a Virtual Office

Both virtual offices and coworking spaces have numerous benefits and distinguishing features. The main advantage of a virtual office over conventional and coworking spaces is that they are more affordable. Virtual offices, despite being online, also include a physical address and a business phone number. Some virtual offices also have a physical space where meetings and visits with clients and partners can be held. The answering services that come with

Those who want peak flexibility for their work should also go for virtual offices. There are no limitations brought by having a physical location and city to run operations. Employers can go anywhere and still have access to their “office.” All that is needed is a portable computer and an internet connection. Employers also enjoy a large pool of remote workers, attaining the best talent in the world to work for them. Most employees nowadays prefer to work remotely. A virtual office will not only allow you to acquire top talent but to manage them. 

Virtual offices also make a business look more professional and offer various addresses. Even a small business can rent a virtual office in Silicon Valley. However, due to their pricing, the physical office may only sometimes be available. Be sure to check on the terms of accessing the office before moving forward and signing any contract.

Reasons to Go with a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces, unlike virtual offices, offer unlimited access to physical space. Kind of… Apart from when the office building is closed, renters of coworking spaces can enjoy its benefits anytime. The benefits depend on the coworking space and can include a kitchen, conference area, break rooms, printers, scanners, and many more. They are a great alternative to traditional offices as they provide a flexible and collaborative environment. People who work from home can join a coworking space to learn and network with individuals pursuing the same career.

Coworking spaces are also reported to increase productivity and creativity. A coworking space is like a workshop; statistics show that most employees in such areas emphasize collaboration.

Which is Better?

“Are virtual offices or coworking spaces better?” This is a common question that people exploring the two options have. However, none is better than the other. Which you go with entirely depends on your needs or that of your company. It would be best to consider the differences between the two and their use cases. After your decision, you should find a provider for the one you settled for.

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