Customer Service Resume (Resume Writing Tips)


Resumes can be tailored to suit any industry or position. Generic resumes do not always have what it takes to get yourself noticed. There could be hundreds of people also applying for the same job opening so you need to make your resume stand out.

If your field is in customer service then you should write a customer service resume. Be sure to mention everything you did in your role. If you had specific accomplishments, list those as well, they will really help you to set yourself apart from all those who just list basic job duties. If there were key metrics (that is, numbers or quantitative data) that you had to make be sure to list those as well. Your resume should use some of the same wording in the job posting. This is very important, some companies use a computer to narrow down the resumes they receive. The computer is programmed to look for key words and phrases.

Once you have written your resume you should also create a targeted cover letter that pulls key phrases and words from your resume. You do not want to make it too long. Try to summarize the highlights in your career.

Save a copy of your customer service resume to your hard drive so you can use it again. Each time you apply for a customer service job you can pull it up and make changes as necessary. A custom resume should be used each time you apply for a job.

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