Summer Cocktails To Add To Your Restaurant Menu

Summer means longer days and more hours of sunshine, which means happy hour can sometimes last beyond 6 p.m. For restaurants and lounges with a Texas alcohol permit, this can also bring an opportunity to offer new summer-friendly cocktails to your drink menu.

Below are several popular summer-themed cocktails to add to your restaurant menu this season.

Lavender Sangria

Lavender brings feelings of relaxation, which makes it the perfect addition to a happy hour menu to help people relax after a long day at work. This sangria is the combination of white wine and the scent of lavender, combined with fresh fruit, such as grapes or apples. To make it even healthier, you can use sugar-free sweetener.

Blood Orange Moscow Mule

Fruit is the theme of summer cocktails, and in this drink, oranges bring a twist to the classic Moscow mule drink. Just combine ginger beer, blood orange juice, vodka, and pomegranate juice for this sweet summer drink.

Peach Mojito

For another fruity twist on a classic drink, try the peach mint mojito. The combination of fresh peaches and mint make this both refreshing and sweet, making for the perfect happy hour cocktail. You just need peaches, mint leaves, limes, white rum, cane sugar, and club soda for this summer drink.

The Bramble Cocktail

This drink brings together blackberries and gin to make a sour but sweet cocktail. The muddled berries in the bottom of a glass are an added bonus and make this a very sweet happy hour treat. This recipe calls for gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and of course, muddled blackberries.

Fresh Cherry Lime Vodka Soda

Vodka sodas are a popular happy hour menu choice, due to their low calorie count. But, this fruity recipe brings sweetness to a popular menu item. Homemade cherry syrup is a simple addition that transforms a basic cocktail into a summer treat.…

Understanding the Benefits of Building Automation For Your Business

One of the most problematic costs for business owners has to do with maintaining their brick and mortar building. Ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment for your staff ensures optimum productivity from both a physical and mental standpoint. As such, an efficient automation system helps maintain costs with minimal effort.

Building Automation Defined

Simply put, building automation refers to the electronic controls that regulate things such as heat and air conditioning, lighting, fire alarms, and security. When installed properly, the entire building can be easily regulated and monitored from one or more stations, with certain elements predetermined based on a set schedule. Moreover, these elements can be differentiated based on zones. A full kitchen, for example, needs to be kept at a much cooler temperature than a conference room, so the programmer can set the thermostats for these two areas separately and monitor them to ensure both areas stay appropriately comfortable.

Business Impact

For those looking for building automation houston tx area services, business owners should weigh overall costs of system installation against employee bandwidth, safety, and productivity concerns, as well as energy efficiency, potential of losses due to fire, theft, and other natural disasters, and air quality. A company’s most valuable asset is the staff, so proper lighting, temperature control, and clean air keeps staff feeling comfortable and alert within their work environment. Added safety and security against potential threats from nature or outsiders further motivates workers to remain loyal to the company. Lastly, automation means less people are needed to monitor internal systems, which saves the company money on additional staff, and allows current workers to focus on other projects.

The high costs associated with maintaining a building for your business is inevitable and will naturally have an impact on your bottom line. However, an efficient automation system can greatly reduce these costs while ensuring your employees are safe, comfortable, and working efficiently.…

A complete guide to buying ELSS online

We guide you through the steps of buying the ELSS fund online, with pointers on which factors to consider when doing so.

Image result for A complete guide to buying ELSS online

Every investor today wishes to gain as much out of their investment as they possibly can. Investors with a higher risk potential always prefer to park their money in equity schemes. But if you want an investment in equities with a shorter lock-in period and high gains, then you should consider buying an ELSS online.

The ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) is a tax saving equity MF. You can buy the ELSS online quite easily – simply follow these steps in buying an equity linked savings scheme:

* Invest early for bumper returns. Investing in equity MFs is different from investing in other funds, because the growth of the fund depends on your entry and exit timings. The earlier you invest and longer you stay invested, the more the growth on the equity securities that the scheme invests in. We recommend opting for the SIP when you buy the ELSS online. The SIP helps you insulate your money against capital loss when markets are riding high.

* Do not ladder your ELSS investments. Some investors buy multiple ELSS equity fund schemes with a large lump sum split into smaller amounts. The problem with this approach is that you do not get diversification by investing in just one asset class. Another disadvantage is that you do not get tax savings per ELSS fund – the tax benefit is cumulatively offered for Rs 1.5 lakh under Sec 80C of the IT Act. So, you will have many ELSS equity MFs without appreciable growth or tax benefit. Instead, buy a single equity linked savings scheme with a large lump sum amount for high gains.

* Buy ELSS online from a reputed fund house. Partnering with a leading fund house gives you the obvious advantages of access to top rated equity MF schemes, as well as an experienced fund manager overseeing your investment. Your fund manager can advise you on the best time to redeem the fund after the lock-in period of three years has elapsed, or the benefit of staying invested for a longer time.

* Look for annualised returns on top rated funds. The equity linked savings scheme has a high rate of return, which generates good capital appreciation. When you decide to buy ELSS online, look for annualised returns over 10%.

* Buy the ELSS online. Now that you are certain of which scheme to buy, you can register for the mutual fund purchase with the fund house online. Register by linking your bank account, PAN and Aadhaar number. Once registered, you can buy the ELSS online and also easily monitor the fund growth from time to time by checking NAVs.…

Benefits Of Installment Loans


Installment loans are a type of personal loan that allows borrowers to apply for a lump sum of money and pay it back in installments. The installments are a pre-determined amount and typically paid on a monthly basis. There are many benefits to choosing an installment loan over other loan alternatives. The key to getting a good deal on a loan is finding a reputable installment lender Mississippi to work with, such as the one found at

Predictable Monthly Payments

A great advantage of choosing an installment loan is that it comes with predictable monthly payments based off of a fixed interest rate. Borrowers will know what to expect each month during the loan term and not have to worry about a variable interest rate causing the payment to go up significantly without notice.

Lower Monthly Payments

Installment loans offer lower monthly payments because they come with longer loan terms than other loan options such as payday loans and cash advances. These types of loans often come with long-term plans. When you spread out the cost of a loan over many years, the payments will be low and affordable.

Get Money Quickly

An added benefit of applying for an installment loan is that you will get your funds relatively quickly. In most cases, you can get your money in less than two weeks. For certain types of installment loans, the money that you borrow can be directly deposited into your bank account in as little as one or two business days. Eligibility requirements for installment loans are relatively less demanding than other loan types. Most lenders will not ask for piles of documentation from their customers in order to get approved. Because of this, the time for a loan application to get processed is relatively fast.

As soon as the application for an installment loan has been closed on, the borrower will receive their funds. As you can see, there are many great advantages of taking out an installment loan. You can often apply online from the comfort of your own home without needing to leave.

From Operator to Owner, the Path Less Taken

Many people who dream of owning their own business overlook the trucking industry It is ripe with opportunity and as the world population continues to grow, the demand for logistics suppliers will continue to increase. Anyone who’s been struggling to come up with a lucrative idea to take control of their future should consider lease to own truck driving jobs to get their foot in the door. You have don’t have to be a seasoned truck operator to take advantage of the opportunity. As long as you have a strong drive, are willing to learn and commit for the long-term, you can enjoy the success and freedom that many industry owners enjoy after paying their dues as operators.

Plan Ahead

As an operator, all that time you spend on the road can help you to put together a solid business plan. Besides thinking about the profits you want to make, you should learn about how to manage your assets to prevent complications that could keep your venture from getting off the ground. Though the trucking industry is alive and booming, it is also highly competitive. Any little unplanned hiccup could cause numerous challenges that can lead to unnecessary stress and challenges that are best avoided.

Establish Options

Resiliency is important too. Not all business resources and funding avenues are startup friendly. so be prepared for rejection. Keep in mind that the more rejections you receive, the closer you are to approvals. Have several backup plans in place as you work towards building your company’s foundation so you can roll with the punches.

Don’t let rejections slow down your progress and keep your eyes on the prize. Eventually, as you gain experience in the industry, you can use your firsthand knowledge and experiences to give your company the edge it needs to overcome all obstacles.…

Choose Digital Marketing Business Plan Sample


About Facebook Sponsored Stories

Choose Digital Marketing Business Plan Sample

Among the most recent innovations to be found on Facebook is the Facebook Sponsored Stories facility, and it is finding favour with many businesses that use the site for publicity purposes. With 100 million people known to log on to the site every day Facebook has to be seen as a runaway success, and the growing number of businesses that use Facebook is testament to the power of the medium.
The Sponsored Stories facility differs from the Facebook Ads feature in that it is akin to a running commentary, a constantly refreshed indication of what people are doing and how often. It works quite simply: if a user visits your page it may be indicated as a Sponsored Story; likewise, anyone who ‘likes’ your page may also feature. The displayed information is on the right hand side of the page where other such information is presented.
How Can My Business Benefit?
We have already mentioned the colossal numbers of people who use Facebook every day; this shows no signs of fading, but what is more interesting to business users is the changing face of the average Facebook user.
It used to be so that younger users – those in the 18 to 25 age group – were the primary users of Facebook. Recent research has found that the biggest growth area lately has been in the number of 35 to 44 year olds on Facebook, and these are the people who are most likely to spend money online.
The benefits to businesses are clear, and it is even suggested that the reason this age group is more prevalent is due to the business presence, and the availability of such as Facebook Sponsored Stories.
Planning is required in any successful marketing campaign, and by carefully monitoring the success of your Sponsored Stories efforts you can arrive at a decision as to whether it is a viable method of promotion for your business.
Is This a Passing Fad?
It is easy to write off successful social networking sites as temporary fads – some have come and gone already – but there are no indications that Facebook is waning in popularity. In fact there are clear signs that as the site evolves it is gaining more members, thanks in no small part to features such as Facebook Sponsored Stories.
For business users there are few easier ways of increasing online visibility. The word of mouth element that Facebook trades on is very powerful. If one friend ‘likes’ your page, or indicates that they have visited your premises, then all of their friends will see that information, and if you have opted into Facebook Sponsored Stories it will be given more visibility still.
The internet is now one of the most important of all marketing tools, and any budget you have should include an element of online marketing without a doubt. Facebook Sponsored Stories is just one of many useful methods of promoting your …