Vegetable proteins

Since our early childhood, we have been told that a “balanced plate” is composed as follows: 1/4 of the carbohydrate plates, 1/2 plate of vegetables and 1/2 plate of meat or fish (even 2 eggs).

However today, many things are questioned.

In this article I wanted to discuss the subject of vegetable proteins.

The purpose of this article is in no way to make a hierarchy: better / worse, let alone tell you it is “good” or “bad” to consume tapioca flour, animal protein, not to announce that I will become 100% vegetarian or vegan (my opinion on the question has not changed, I refer you to this article in which I talk about flexitarism, and food labels), but rather to inform you, if you are vegetarian or vegan (or if you want to become), if you want to reduce (for some reason) your animal protein intake or if you’re just curious to try new flavors!

So, where are plant proteins?

Spirulina: What is spirulina? It is an alga that has an exceptional content of protein (65g per 100g), I already mentioned it in my article “favorites” of the month of March. It can be powder, straw, small capsules, sachet. Personally I do not consume it alone because it is already contained in my superfoods, no double dose so.

In soy: Soy is high in pulse protein and contains all the essential amino acids. You can find it in several forms, including:

The traditional tofu that you will find in 2 forms: silky or firm. The silky tofu is mainly used as a “binder” in a vegetarian or vegan dish. It can substitute fat (cream), eggs (in a quiche for example), cheese (in a cheesecake). On the other hand, the tofu closes rather like a substitute for the animal protein (meat or fish), it looks like a small block that you can cut into pieces, to marinate (I advise you, I find that the tofu contrary to the tempeh n ‘t really taste in itself, so go for a good sauce in accompaniment!), return to the pan with a filling of your choice, you also use it in sauces, Bolognese, to stuff your vegetables …

Tempeh: It is made from fermented yellow soybeans. in appearance it may look like a “block”. It is firmer than tofu, its taste is also, more pronounced (I think). You can cook the tempeh cut in small pieces and returned in a sauté pan with the accompaniment of your choice, you can also cut it in small pieces and integrate it in a Bolognese or another sauce for example, or you use it to garnish lasagna, you will bluff your guests!

Textured soy protein: Textured soy plant protein is really bluffing. They are sold dehydrated and are very easy to incorporate into preparations. To cook them you just need to rehydrate them by soaking them in hot water or broth for about ten minutes, drain them and incorporate them into your preparations. The first …

Getting Your Business Professionally Cleaned

Do you have an office for your business that you need to keep looking great for all of your clients? If this is the case, you should not settle for anything but the best cleaning service in your area. There will be plenty of cleaning companies in your phone book. However, you need to keep in mind that not all of these companies will do a good job for you. In fact, many of these companies will make you regret hiring them in the first place. Here are a few of the things you can do to ensure that the cleaning service you hire will not let you down.

1. Contact a few local cleaning services and get some references.

References are always critical when you are thinking about hiring a company that you are not familiar with. It’s really the only way for you to judge the quality of cleaning they will do for you. You will not have any problem getting references from all of the legit cleaning services. You should never hire a cleaning service if they refuse to give you any references at all. This probably means that they have many unsatisfied customers.

2. Find out who the other businesses in your area are hiring to clean their offices.

It would be in your best interests to talk to the owners of other businesses in your community. Most of them will hire professional cleaning services. Therefore, you will be able to gather a lot of valuable info by talking to them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this. It is a great way to get the names of some reputable Minneapolis cleaning services.

3. Find out if the cleaning service uses supplies that are friendly to the environment.

Protecting the environment is a big concern for many companies these days. They have started recycling programs for their employees to use. Therefore, it makes sense to find out if a cleaning service does their cleaning with supplies that will not have a negative impact on the environment. There should be several green cleaning services near you.…

Four Things You Can Achieve with Email Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

Email marketing is popular across just about every industry. It’s even very popular in the real estate world. You might still be a successful real estate agent without using email marketing, but this doesn’t mean that your real estate business couldn’t benefit from email marketing. These are just some of the things that you can achieve once you implement email marketing for real estate agents.

1. Become a Household Name

Popular real estate agents often become a household name in their area. By staying in contact with people who you have worked with in the past or people who have shown an interest in your services, you can help get your name out there. An email marketing list can help with staying in contact and expanding your reach.

2. Remind People About Your Services

Someone who might have been looking into buying a house well before actually doing so might have signed up for your email newsletter, but he or she might have forgotten about you and the helpful services that you offer. Sending out regular emails is a good way to remind people about your services.

3. Provide Helpful Information

Even though the main point of your email newsletter might be to market yourself and your services, it can be handy for other things, too. If you use your email newsletter to provide valuable information about the real estate industry and the local market, for example, people might start looking forward to receiving your email newsletter so that they can learn.

4. Promote Your Website

You might have worked hard to create a website for your real estate business, and you might make it a point to update it regularly. If you do not feel like you’re getting enough traffic on your website and would like to market it more, you can use your email marketing list as a way of doing so.

If you start using email marketing to your advantage, you can achieve a lot of things with it, including more things than the four that are listed above.…

The Importance of Theme Park Safety

When an accident happens at a theme park, the incident is big news. That’s because accidents aren’t supposed to happen at places that exist solely to give families a chance to have fun and break free from the realities of day to day life. Amusement parks are places where people can be silly and have the feeling of having a wild and “dangerous” time, without really being in danger. Unfortunately, the fact is that sometimes the harsh reality of the world does invade the world of amusement parks, and dangerous accidents do sometimes happen.

Amusement Park Safety

When an accident does happen at an amusement park, it’s a very serious situation. Parks are crowded places which means that if an incident happens, several people may be involved. Accidents can happen due to random, unforeseen circumstances, or through the fact of too many people being in an overcrowded space. Some incidents happen when people become agitated from being in places with too many people and too much stimulation, and sadly, some dangerous situations happen due to ride failure. All of this is why park safety regulations must be followed at all times, and why park rides must be checked continually to ensure they are maintained properly.

After An Incident

Should a dangerous accident happen at a park, an investigation will begin immediately. In the case of a trial, a ride expert witness may be called in to testify as to the soundness of the ride that caused the accident. If the ride is found to be unsafe due to poor maintenance, the park may be at fault in the accident.

No one wants to see a terrible accident happen at an amusement park. That’s why ride safety is so important, and why routine maintenance must be done on all park rides to ensure public safety. A trip to the park should be fun, and only a safe park is a fun park for everyone who visits.…

How Does Scent Marketing Work?

Scent marketing is a process of using aromas to both enhance an environment as well as improving the moods of customers and employees and is one of the best ways to create a connection with people’s emotions and sometimes even their memories. It can be used in a variety of different ways including to enhance the image of your business, perhaps to deal with any smells that naturally occur in your place of work such as a manufacturing plant and also to influence the way that your clients and customers feel.

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In order to fully appreciate the ways in which scent marketing can help a business it is worth looking further into How does scent marketing work?

Connection to the brain and our emotions

Much like all of our other senses, our sense of smell is directly linked to a number of areas in our brains. This area happens to be our limbic system which is where our emotions are controlled – this can be consciously and subconsciously controlled. When using scent marketing you can create an aroma that you feel will reflect your company and also create a positive feeling in those people entering your store or office. It is why vanilla is used a lot in candle stores and also in spas and hairdressers as the aroma naturally produces a feeling of calm and relaxation. Equally the smell of freshly cut grass can stimulate a feeling that we associate with the Springtime and a sense of happiness and renewal. To ensure that you are using the best aroma possible for your business need and to match the behaviour of your clients and also potential customers it is always best to consult with professional scent marketing companies. Having the appropriate scent emanating throughout your store can very subtly affect the way that your customers react including increasing their dwell time and even put them in the right mood for buying products rather than just simply browsing.

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Adding to your brand image

Most people when thinking of a particular brand will be able to easily recall their logo and perhaps even their brand tag line. With scent marketing you can also evoke the sense of smell and you will find that when thinking about your business, customers will also be able to recall the smell of the store and as this is linked to the limbic part of the brain you will also be linking directly to their emotions.

Libérer le monde secret des illusionnistes

Peut-être qu’un jour nous avons été surpris par un acte magique: voler de l’argent en papier, percer un mur ou même marcher sur l’eau. Ensuite, nous avons été ébranlés par des milliers de questions dans notre esprit, tandis que nos bouches restaient bouche bée et que nos fronts étaient froncés.

Comment cela pourrait-il être?

La sacrée Riana pourrait peut-être ramener la rangée de questions et de confusion. Riana a convié plusieurs de ses spectateurs à monter sur scène lors de la compétition asiatique de Got Talent close up lyon, plus Jay Park, l’un des juges qui ne s’attendait pas à ce qu’elle soit impliquée dans le jeu.

Une fois toutes rassemblées, Riana leur demanda de s’asseoir autour d’une table en bois ronde, les mains sur celle-ci. En outre, Riana a demandé à Jay de penser à l’une des plus grandes peurs de sa vie.

Jay acquiesça, tandis que les autres restaient silencieux attendant les instructions de Riana – la moitié était inquiète, peut-être même curieuse. Quelques instants plus tard, Riana a déclaré qu’une phrase suggérant qu’une table ronde était un moyen pour les créatures des “autres mondes” d’interagir avec les humains.

Bientôt, la table se souleva et se déplaça de façon irrégulière dans les coins de la scène. Les participants, les visages et les yeux tendus, légèrement élargis, suivirent également la direction du mouvement de la table, les mains toujours collées à la table.

Jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient tourné autour de la moitié de la scène, Riana a frappé fort la table flottante.

Bro! Et la table tombe alors et se tait.

Riana a ensuite marché un peu autour des participants et est venue voir Jay.

“Mentionne la plus grande peur que tu penses,” dit Riana à Jay.

“Malheur”, répondit Jay.The next second, Riana raised a thin piece of board on the table. And it turns out, the board says one word: unhappiness – just like Jay’s answer.

Tous les spectateurs et les juges ont été stupéfaits. Une salve d’applaudissements.

Il existe une explication logique derrière chaque attraction magique – même si le niveau de complexité est certainement différent l’un de l’autre. Bien sûr, le niveau de difficulté de l’eau magique qui ne se déverse pas lorsque la bouteille est retournée n’est pas comparable à la magie de Riana qui est capable de soulever la table et de deviner le contenu des pensées des autres.

Derrière cela, la science est l’un des facteurs importants du succès d’une performance magique. Pour réaliser l’incroyable illusion du public, la science est présentée à travers différentes astuces.

Dans une étude portant sur Susana Martinez-Conde et Stephen Macknik, les neurosciences sont devenues l’un des fondements de la science qui expliquait les diverses illusions et capacités du magicien pour présenter des attractions spectaculaires.

Le couple l’appelait neuromagique – une abréviation de neuroscience et magie, à savoir des études scientifiques sur le mécanisme d’action du cerveau humain lorsqu’il perçoit un état et trompait les gens par l’illusion faite par les magiciens de retirer ou de soulever …