October 22, 2021


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Advanced On-Page Optimisation Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

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In the world of digital marketing, nothing stays the same for very long. With developments being made on a near-daily basis, you need to know that your SEO team are keeping up-to-date with every advancement to ensure your website consistently comes out on top.

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An adaptable and creative approach to SEO is always recommended, with knowledgeable teams surpassing basic optimisation methods and turning their attention toward advanced details, seeing their time and your investment rewarded with consistently better results.

Revising your Approach to Internal Links

Investing time into creating a seamless and logical internal link structure will help your audience navigate through your content, easily locating the information they require. As detailed by Moz, ideally optimised content will always contain several key links, connecting it with each relevant element of your website.

Demonstrating a willingness to help your audience find information they will find valuable will not go unnoticed. This may mean linking to external resources, but it is also important to ensure you are creating consistently informative articles that include links to key landing pages throughout your website. This approach will only be successful if your content is engaging and your links are highly relevant. Therefore, working closely with a team specialising in SEO in Dublin who have the skillset to refine your internal link structure can be beneficial.

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Ensuring your Root Directory is Organised

Individual files can be organised in several different ways, but ensuring your website has a structure that allows for easy updates is essential. Experienced teams, such as Dublin SEO agency Ryco Marketing, will evaluate your website to determine which method of organisation will be most effective. Root directories are used by Google’s web crawlers to understand the content and context of your website, so ensuring you secure and maintain maximum crawlability is essential.

Boosting Page Load Speeds Across your Website

Google knows that their users want access to the most relevant and valuable information as quickly as possible, which is why the search engine giant takes such an interest in how quickly your website loads when organising results pages. If your website takes too long to load, you’re going to see your bounce rate skyrocket, which will lead Google to place you further down in their rankings than you need to be to stay competitive.

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