May 16, 2022


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3 Techniques to Sharpen Your Memory and Learning

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7 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp at Any Age - Harvard Health

You exercise at the gym to enhance your muscles or run outdoors to increase your endurance level. Even if you do neither, you must still have a desire to exercise more often. While it is good to focus on having a healthy body, it is also important not to neglect our brain.

An increased focus on training your brain will have the following benefits:

  • Help avoid situations that may leave you embarrassed
  • Produce efficient learning abilities
  • Lower your odds of contracting debilitating illnesses in your old age

This guide will help you improve your long and short-term memory as well as enhance your cognitive skills. This is something that would pique your interest. So continue reading.

Work Your Memory

Renowned New York-based choreographer, Twyla Tharp, works out her memory like this:

After watching her performances, she makes her brain remember the first fourteen to fifteen corrections she would want to discuss with her dancers. She believes in just taking mental notes rather than written ones.

I think it is quite incredible to be able to remember that many errors. I would personally struggle to remember no more than five.

Brain fitness research suggests remembering things or events and talking about them with those around you leads to better memory and sharpens other brain functions as well. Memory sharpening activities engage all aspects of brain function – remembering, receiving, and thinking. They will help to enhance overall brain functioning abilities.

Odds are that you probably are not a choreographer so correcting your dancers’ moves may not be a part of your daily routine. However, in a typical office setting, you must be required to provide your feedback about a presentation or if you go on a trip, your friends may want to know what activities you did. Such situations can provide an excellent opportunity to train your brain by working your memory muscles.

Engage Yourself in Multiple Activities Regularly

Being involved in multiple activities greatly enhances the specific cognitive function of the human brain. By doing something new frequently, our brain creates neural pathways that help us perform these new activities faster and better than in previous attempts.

Think about the time when you were a toddler. You had the physical strength to hold cutlery just fine. However, whenever you would eat without assistance, you would drop food all around you.

Since eating food is a daily activity, you got better at eating without creating a mess as you grew older, and eventually, you learn how to eat without requiring anyone’s assistance. So what was going on here? After every eating experience, your brain accumulated better neural pathways to make you eat like a pro. By constantly repeating this activity, you eventually started eating all by yourself.

So how can you apply this same methodology in your life today?

The more you stop procrastinating, the more your brain will be wired to not wait till the last moment to perform different tasks.

Learn New Things

It may sound clichéd, but the more you put your brain to work, the greater it will perform. Learning to play a new musical instrument will improve the ability to translate things you see (music notes) to some activity you perform (playing that instrument).

Learning a new language also has its benefits. Other than impressing the ladies, it exposes your brain to a way of thinking that is different from yours and it also allows you to express yourself differently. There is irrefutable scientific evidence that multi-lingual people are far more likely to perform well in life than those who speak just one language.

Summing Up

An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop. Enhanced brain function is all about training your brain and keeping it busy. It is time for you to take action by embracing the techniques mentioned in this article. Improving your learning abilities may take time, but if you start right away, slowly but surely you will get positive results.

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