January 28, 2021


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3 Rules of Thumb for Great Sign Design

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Whether it’s storefront signage or billboard advertising, a great sign is one of the most...

Whether it’s storefront signage or billboard advertising, a great sign is one of the most effective advertising tools your business can use. On the other hand, a bad sign can do much more harm than good. So, what makes the difference between a great sign and a bad one? That’s a big question, but fortunately there are some easy rules of thumb for signs and graphics Austin that can help you make good decisions.

Use as Few Words as Possible

Perhaps the biggest enemy of effective sign design is clutter. While it may be tempting to put as much information as possible into your signage, you will be working against yourself if you do so. Signs and graphics Austin exist to create basic awareness and get customers in the door. Once they are there, you can bombard them with information. If a sign is too wordy, people will miss the main point. Keep it clean and clear.

Keep Fonts and Colors Simple

Skilled designers know quite a bit about font theory, including the use of complimentary fonts, different weights, and effective fonts by industry type. If you have a design pro working with you, fantastic. But most companies don’t, so your best bet is to use common, bold fonts and primary colors. It may not seem very creative, but clean signage beats sloppy design with strange color choices.

Take Advantage of Technology

After the design is in place, it’s time to build the signs and graphics Austin. There is no hard and fast rule for using lights, moving parts, or stationary signage; it varies from industry from industry. What works for a bar may not work for a doctor’s office. The key is to educate yourself on what is available and determine what is appropriate for your business.

Keep your signage clean and simple and consider what technology you can use. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be surprised how much will fall in place!

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