5 Ways to Improve Sales Team Success

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. Without adequate sales, the business cannot make a profit. There are many reasons for salespeople to fail at sales that have nothing to do with the business. However, there are still lots of ways to improve the chances the sales team has of making that sale. Here are some of the ways to do that.


Sales consulting firms Georgia are a great place to look for training opportunities. The plethora of experience they bring to the table can change up how your sales team interacts with prospects and clients. There are a variety of models and methods for selling. Some of these work better for certain types of business, products or services. Hiring a consultant can help you find the best one for your team and company.


Perhaps the sales team has simply lost some of their focus. This is a great opportunity to refocus the team or restructure it so that it works better. Focusing specifically on the buyer’s needs can enable the sales team to have better success selling any product or service. This may require the business to poll customers or to conduct market research to help staff better understand their target buyers. The buyers may change over time and so should the sales strategies.


Management can play a big role in the success of the sales team. Without effective management, the sales team may flounder, lose focus or waste a lot of time. An inefficient sales team costs the business money rather than increasing their profit. Running reports can help management determine who needs help and where to focus their energies.


Teamwork can help change things up. One of the ways to do this is to build camaraderie with the sales team. Hold regular meetings, do some meetups or get creative to boost team morale and cohesiveness. Strong team relationships can help grow each individual member. They can work together to troubleshoot issues, teach newcomers and collaborate on clients.


Beyond training, give salespeople an opportunity to practice their skills. This may mean sending them to conferences to learn new tricks. They can go to trade shows a few times a year to help expand the business’ presence in the industry. All of these help the salesperson practice their skills. The more time they spend practicing new skills learned, the better they can incorporate them into their daily sales goals. All of these tips can help your sales team close more deals and have more success.


3 Best Credit Cards in India in 2020 for Online Shopping

Online shopping, unlike fine dining and traveling, isn’t usually a bonus category on reward credit cards. However, while on an online shopping spree, it doesn’t mean you cannot earn 1 point or a mile or, for that matter, over 1% cashback on your spending. By figuring out the best credit card in India that best suits your online shopping needs and also, by taking advantage of online portals for shopping and other deals, raking up the best discount offers and rewards become a cakewalk. 

Find out the best credit card in India for you, for an amazing online shopping experience!

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Now, that we have stepped into the eon of social distancing, online shopping that includes online grocery orders and pickup, and required food delivery has become the ideal way to shop. So, let’s find out the best credit card in India for online purchases this 2020. Whether you are looking out for free delivery, quick grocery delivery, or cashback offers on your next takeout order, given below is a well-browsed list of three best credit cards in India for an enjoyable shopping experience.

  1. MoneyBack Credit Card by HDFC

Be it reward points, cashbacks, or vouchers; this credit card reaches out with a host of benefits with an annual fee of INR 500. Let’s find out the USP of this credit card, which makes it an ideal choice for online shopping.

  • It offers 500 reward points as a token for newbies

Note: Here, 100 points is equal to INR 20

  • It opens up the chance to earn about 2x reward points on online spending for every INR 150 spent. There is an exclusive MyReward catalog for redeeming points for gifts and air miles
  • These rewards stay valid for up till two years from the date of ensuing
  • Additionally, there is 1% fuel surcharge waiver for transactions crossing INR 400

You can go through HDFC’s credit card page online, to find out more about this card, and even compare it with the other credit cards offered by them

  1. Digismart Card by Standard Chartered

With a fee of INR 49 per month, which is waived off if the monthly expenditure crosses INR 5000 in the previous month, this is the best credit card in India ideal for those individuals who live online. Given below is the list of shopping benefits that make it the best credit card in India for online purchases.

  • Offering a 20% off on Myntra purchases with no minimum spending limit, DigiSmart credit card by Standard Chartered makes every week feel like a Lakme fashion week. This is applicable for one transaction per month with a maximum discount of not over INR 700
  • Online grocery shopping is a big-time treat during a global lockdown. With this card, you can secure a 10% off on Grofers with no criterion on minimum spends. You have to use the promo code DIGISMART, and this is binding for five transactions every month with a maximum discount of INR 1000
  • Discount on