How to invest in SIPs in India in 5 easy steps

Systematic Investment Plan or a SIP is a periodic investment plan that lets you invest in mutual funds. There are three types of SIPs based on investment periods: weekly, monthly and quarterly. Once you set up a monthly SIP for a mutual fund with a certain amount, that amount will be auto-debited monthly for the tenure of the chosen fund. An investor can have multiple SIPs at the same time. SIPs help save money for investors since they come with a “save first-spend later” pattern. Several advantages of investing in the best SIP mutual funds include:

  • Flexibility in investing, you can start investing from INR 500 monthly. Investment can be done through a one-click process online
  • It helps save money better through periodic investing
  • Investors get relatively high returns through the best mutual funds for SIP, compared to other savings and investment options. Returns will be compounding yearly throughout the tenure
  • Rupee cost will be averaged throughout tenure, you will buy more units when the unit price is low and fewer units when the price is low
  • No need to invest in lump sums

Guide to investing in SIP. Source:

How to invest in SIPs in India in 5 easy steps

SIPs work best for long-term investments to save money and money wealth for investors. Investors can also start multiple SIP for various periods. Here is the step by step guide to investing in mutual funds through SIPs. 

1) Structure your SIP:

You can structure your SIP by deciding on these things.

  • How much do you want to invest
  • What is the frequency of your investments (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • What is the duration of your investment
  • Date of debit for SIP

Once you decide on all of these things according to your financial goals you can move on to find the best mutual funds for your SIP

2) Choose from the best mutual funds for SIP:

Based on your risk profile, you can choose from the mutual funds available in the Indian market. Go for the fund with consistent performance over the years than the ones that are currently on the top of the charts. You can consult a financial advisor if you are not certain above the steps 1 and 2, he/she should be able to help you decide your SIP structure and the best mutual funds for SIP

3) Keep Documentation ready:

The documents required for starting a SIP account with most fund houses include:

  • PAN card (if you want to invest more than 50,000 INR yearly)
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photograph
  • Cheque book for bank account details

With these documents in hand, you can apply for a SIP account online by visiting the website of the fund house. You can also apply offline by visiting the office of the fund house or through an agent

4) Get KYC done & Start Investing:

A KYC (Know Your Customer) form needs to be filled by you. Verification can be done online or offline (in person). KYC will …

Leasing Commercial Space in Boston

Leasing high-quality commercial space in Boston is extraordinarily costly. The city’s Central Business District is one of the most expensive areas in the nation to lease commercial space. Surrounding areas are quickly becoming equally as expensive. Cambridge, for example, had the fourth most expensive submarket for office space in the country in 2019. High operating costs in addition to high property taxes are only part of the problem behind Boston’s unaffordability. Operators of commercial space in Metro Boston need to be particularly conscientious and strategic about reducing their operating expenses and attracting good lessees.

Screen Tenants Stringently

Perhaps the most expensive aspect of owning or managing a large commercial space is vacancy. In a city where leases and operating costs are extraordinarily high, even the most experienced commercial leasing agents can struggle to find acceptable tenants. However, eagerness to fill a vacancy should never cause you to relax your screening standards. Taking on a tenant who doesn’t have good credit or a good rental track record is very likely to result in a defaulted lease and further costly vacancy and turnover.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Improving your building’s energy efficiency can help you attract a higher caliber of lessee. You should establish a relationship with a HVAC contractor Boston MA who is experienced in both servicing and upgrading commercial systems. This can help reduce ongoing operational expenses for both management and tenants, and it creates an added level of appeal to businesses striving to minimize the environmental impact of their operations.

Enhance Your Marketing and Outreach

When you’re listing commercial space for rent, it’s imperative to use several listing platforms. In order to command attention, your listings need to contain a large volume of professionally shot, high-resolution photographs. Customer and client experience is particularly important to businesses who are looking for commercial space, so they want to be able to visualize what it’s like to be physically present.

Some of the key trading rules of the pro traders

20 Rules Followed by Professional Traders

The Forex market is a volatile market which works with high risk and you need to pay attention to every aspect of it or else you will fail. Beginner traders usually join the market to make more money. They think it’s pretty easy but, it’s actually not. To make profit in the trades you need to have proper knowledge about all the factors of the market. You can’t make profits without learning or knowing about the market properly, try to educate yourself before starting to trade. The following article will help you to learn about some of the key rules of trading.

Use the strategy that suits you

Traders need to use effective strategies and skills in the trades to make profit. Effective strategies help traders as they increase the chance of winning in the trades. But you can’t use random strategies as this will lower your edge in the markets. Your strategies must match your trading style, don’t forget that there is no holy grail to make profits. You need to work hard and use effective strategies to make profitable trades. Pro traders always work on improving their trading strategies and skills to make the trades more profitable.

Never try to use another person’s trading method even though you are not comfortable with trading. It’s true, life in Singapore is very expensive but you can make your life better by generating alternative sources of income. If you consider trading, you must work on your trading plan and create it from scratch.

Analyze the price charts properly

Many traders place trades without observing the price charts properly and this leads them to fail. The traders need to analyze the price charts as this helps them to find out whether they can place for the higher or smaller trades. The price charts give a brief idea about the market’s condition and that’s why the pro traders always pay attention to the piece chart before trading. If you want to make profit in the trades, never avoid analyzing the price charts.

Without analyzing the technical chart, it will be tough to make some changes to your life. Take your time and try to improve your skills by learning from the mistakes. If necessary, navigate here to learn from the top traders at Saxo. See how they analyze the chart and find the potential trade setups. Once you master this technique, making some serious profit will not be a tough task.

Learn from all the trades

Many traders can’t figure out the importance of the learning process in the market. Learning is a basic and mandatory step in the Forex market. You won’t be able to stay in the long run if you don’t learn about the market’s condition properly. The learning process always helps traders to enhance their trading methods, strategies, and skills. The more you learn, the better your trading results will be, the learning process continue every day. By the learning process, you can also rectify your previous trading mistakes …

How can you day trade small to produce big returns

How to Day Trade "Small" to Produce Big Returns

You need to keep in mind that not everything you hear in the market is true, you may hear many deceiving statements. If you are new in the market you will face these statements more often so make sure you don’t believe in everything. The naïve traders get hyped after the rumors and they start taking a big risk. At times they might be able to earn huge profit but considering the bigger picture, they always lose. You should have the technical skills to find the trade setup by analyzing the important chart patterns. Stop placing the trades with the herds.  Follow a standard risk profile while placing the trades.

It is also heard that by risking more you can make a lot but in reality, it’s not the case. A trader should always risk less to make higher returns. In this following article, you will find some ways about how to do it and why.

Trading with a small risk

Mainly the new traders have the wrong concept about taking a risk in the trades. They end up taking more risks in the hope of making higher returns but soon they lose their money. To make profits you should always make a small risk to produce big returns. The higher your risk will be the more you will lose in the trades. You should be trading in with low risk so that you are not stressed with the running trades. Keeping yourself calm is crucial to your success. Unless you can do so, you should not be trading with real money.

A trader should risk only about 2% from their account capital, this percentage will not allow you to make more loss. If you have no idea about the risk procedure then you will never able to make more profits. Before taking a risk, make sure you have enough idea about it.

Set proper risk-reward ratio

In the trades, it’s very crucial to set proper risk-reward ratio so that in spite of losing in a few trades you can even get profits. Every trader should set their risk-reward ratio and the only way they can do that is by learning the proper processes. Online trading in Australia has become very popular over the past years. But the success rate is still very low. Go through the details of the risk management policy so that you can place the orders without losing too much money.

There is no short cut in the process of setting the proper risk-reward ratio. The new trader often sets their risk-reward ratio without learning the process of setting and thus they fail to make money. You should always be aware of all the moves you make in the market so that you don’t lose your money.

With small, you can produce big returns

If you risk a small amount on the trades, you can surely reduce the risk of ruining your account. Trading with higher risk to give you more profits is one of …