Vegetable proteins

Since our early childhood, we have been told that a “balanced plate” is composed as follows: 1/4 of the carbohydrate plates, 1/2 plate of vegetables and 1/2 plate of meat or fish (even 2 eggs).

However today, many things are questioned.

In this article I wanted to discuss the subject of vegetable proteins.

The purpose of this article is in no way to make a hierarchy: better / worse, let alone tell you it is “good” or “bad” to consume tapioca flour, animal protein, not to announce that I will become 100% vegetarian or vegan (my opinion on the question has not changed, I refer you to this article in which I talk about flexitarism, and food labels), but rather to inform you, if you are vegetarian or vegan (or if you want to become), if you want to reduce (for some reason) your animal protein intake or if you’re just curious to try new flavors!

So, where are plant proteins?

Spirulina: What is spirulina? It is an alga that has an exceptional content of protein (65g per 100g), I already mentioned it in my article “favorites” of the month of March. It can be powder, straw, small capsules, sachet. Personally I do not consume it alone because it is already contained in my superfoods, no double dose so.

In soy: Soy is high in pulse protein and contains all the essential amino acids. You can find it in several forms, including:

The traditional tofu that you will find in 2 forms: silky or firm. The silky tofu is mainly used as a “binder” in a vegetarian or vegan dish. It can substitute fat (cream), eggs (in a quiche for example), cheese (in a cheesecake). On the other hand, the tofu closes rather like a substitute for the animal protein (meat or fish), it looks like a small block that you can cut into pieces, to marinate (I advise you, I find that the tofu contrary to the tempeh n ‘t really taste in itself, so go for a good sauce in accompaniment!), return to the pan with a filling of your choice, you also use it in sauces, Bolognese, to stuff your vegetables …

Tempeh: It is made from fermented yellow soybeans. in appearance it may look like a “block”. It is firmer than tofu, its taste is also, more pronounced (I think). You can cook the tempeh cut in small pieces and returned in a sauté pan with the accompaniment of your choice, you can also cut it in small pieces and integrate it in a Bolognese or another sauce for example, or you use it to garnish lasagna, you will bluff your guests!

Textured soy protein: Textured soy plant protein is really bluffing. They are sold dehydrated and are very easy to incorporate into preparations. To cook them you just need to rehydrate them by soaking them in hot water or broth for about ten minutes, drain them and incorporate them into your preparations. The first …

Getting Your Business Professionally Cleaned

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1. Contact a few local cleaning services and get some references.

References are always critical when you are thinking about hiring a company that you are not familiar with. It’s really the only way for you to judge the quality of cleaning they will do for you. You will not have any problem getting references from all of the legit cleaning services. You should never hire a cleaning service if they refuse to give you any references at all. This probably means that they have many unsatisfied customers.

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It would be in your best interests to talk to the owners of other businesses in your community. Most of them will hire professional cleaning services. Therefore, you will be able to gather a lot of valuable info by talking to them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing this. It is a great way to get the names of some reputable Minneapolis cleaning services.

3. Find out if the cleaning service uses supplies that are friendly to the environment.

Protecting the environment is a big concern for many companies these days. They have started recycling programs for their employees to use. Therefore, it makes sense to find out if a cleaning service does their cleaning with supplies that will not have a negative impact on the environment. There should be several green cleaning services near you.…