What Can Defendants Expect From Their First Meeting With Their Lawyer

When a person is met with criminal charges, they often feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, particularly if this is their first time ever facing charges. Hiring a lawyer who works in Criminal Law is vital for ensuring a defendant’s rights are properly protected. With this information, a defendant will know what to expect when they meet with their criminal lawyer for the first time.

Before the meeting with the lawyer, it behooves a defendant to carefully prepare. The more information a defendant has to share with their lawyer, the better equipped the lawyer will be to provide them with proper representation. To prepare for the meeting, the defendant should take these steps:

  • The defendant needs to gather any documents they have received from the court.
  • If a defendant was bailed out of jail, they need to bring their bail papers and any bond agreements.
  • If a defendant underwent a property search, they need to make sure they bring any paperwork the investigating officers left behind.
  • Any documents that may be important to the case should be brought in.
  • The defendant also needs to make notes of the facts of the case and any questions they might have so they can provide their lawyer with necessary information and receive answers to the questions they need without forgetting to ask them due to nervousness.

At the first meeting, a defendant will need to be prepared to share the details of their charges and what happened to cause them to be charged. It is important a client is completely honest with their lawyer. Providing erroneous information will only hurt their case and prevent their lawyer from being able to fully help them.

At the meeting, the lawyer will inform the client of their charges and what they can expect from possible penalties. They will also begin to outline the best form of defense and inform their client on what they can expect.

It can be frightening being charged with criminal charges but hiring a lawyer can help. If you are faced with criminal charges, know your rights and hire a lawyer right away so you can protect them.