Record Life’s Moments One Frame at a Time

The Big Moment

Whether it’s a wedding, first birthday, graduation, first family adventure, you’re likely going to want certain moments recorded ever. Photographs have been a staple in human civilization since the days of cave drawings. Even then, people wanted to capture certain moments that were important to them. At that time, all they had was paint and their fingers. Now, we have cutting-edge technology that can create surreal and beautiful pieces of art from a simple image taken by a camera. Whether you want an event captured for a personal collection, or you’re a business owner seeking a photographer who can capture the leading edge to draw in the eye of new customers, you may want to consider Charley Akers.

Personal And Professional

By simply scanning his work at, you can immediately see a unique style and eye that he possesses in his field. Vibrant, rich in color, and with a special talent for finding the perfect moment to capture, his work stands apart from the rest. For professionals, especially, this could be crucial when trying to find the backdrop for their next advertisement. For fashion designers, the right photo could be what sells their products across the world instead of having it fall flat on its face. A great portion of advertisement is through visual stimulation. Because of this important role, professionals need to ensure that they’re hiring a top-quality artist who can provide them with that they need.

Sell Your Product, Record Your Memories

Whether you’re looking to record the laughter of children on a brilliant day outside, or you’re seeking the perfect shot for your product, Charley Akers may be able to help. With his strong eye, your advertisement can go from bland, boring, and banal to brilliant, beautiful, and bold. For those seeking a personal album, you can not only have physical reminders of fond memories, but they can be recorded in such a way that will stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.…

Marketing In The Online World: Strategies, Suggestions, And Solutions

If you’re serious about making your marketing efforts as effective as possible, know that taking your advertising work into the online domain is imperative. This technique is immensely important because millions and millions of people are now acclimated to the process of buying goods and services online. If you learn how to successfully lead online shoppers through the processes of brand recognition and conversion, you’re on your way to turning them into lifelong customers who will keep your organization alive and thriving. Below you’ll find several strategies, suggestions, and solutions that you can deploy to make your business’s online marketing efforts increasingly effective:

1. Focus On Communication Optimization.

Communication is an integral, important, and ultimately inalienable component of the marketing process. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that regularly talking with your prospects and customers is a medium through which you learn more about their likes, interests, shopping preferences, geographic location, etc. Once you attain this type of data, you’re more effective in continually connecting with them in an authentic, informed way that will get them excited about your brand. There are many communication optimization strategies that you can deploy to realize this objective, and one is building relationships with your target audience through social media channels like Twitter. Because you can communicate with members of the target market in a casual manner while on these channels, your ability to build relationships and maintain good rapport. Tweeting a link to one of your product pages or the “About Me” section of your website is a great way to break the ice and show your Twitter audience what you’re all about.

2. Make Your Website As Excellent As Possible.

In addition to focusing on communication optimization, make sure that your website is consistently excellent. Taking this step will increase your site traffic and help your company gain more attention in the online domain. There are many ways that you can take the quality of your website from average to impeccable. One is by focusing in on responsive web design. This web optimization technique is important because it ensures that individuals who utilize mobile devices to shop online won’t experience difficulties when they access your site.

Another web optimization strategy you can implement to enhance site traffic is content marketing. Note that every single page of your website contains content that site visitors will read or view to formulate an opinion about your product, make a purchase, etc. As such, you want your content to be accessible, information-rich, engaging, etc. There are many strategies you can use to make your content impeccable. One is simply asking your audience what types of topics they’d like you to cover in your blog posts, videos, and web articles. Another strategy you can implement to ensure that your content is amazing is the inverted pyramid writing method. This method involves you putting the most important information at the very top of the article so your reader immediately knows what the basic premise …

A-DTH Recharge-1|Evolution of DTH

Sebelum teknologi DTH atau Direct to Home memasuki ruang keluarga kami, ada set top box kabel yang digunakan sebagian besar rumah tangga India untuk melihat saluran favorit mereka, serial televisi, film bintang favorit dan acara olahraga di televisi. Pada tahun 2000, pemerintah India mengizinkan penerimaan dan transmisi sinyal televisi satelit; akibatnya layanan DTH gratis pertama di India diluncurkan oleh Dish TV pada tahun 2003. Saat ini sebagian besar operator terkemuka telah membayar langganan dan DTH Recharge dapat dilakukan secara online melalui situs web milik perusahaan, Aplikasi atau Aplikasi pihak ketiga seperti Paytm, Telepon bayar, dan Mobikwick.

Pada tahun 2000, pemerintah India menyetujui layanan DTH dengan batasan-batasan tertentu seperti tidak ada lembaga swasta atau pemerintah tunggal akan memiliki monopoli lengkap di pasar dan bahwa proses integrasi dengan jaringan kabel dan dengan saluran televisi harus adil. Semua operator DTH harus mendirikan stasiun bumi dalam setahun setelah menerima lisensi operasi, investasi langsung asing disegel pada 49% dan perusahaan DTH harus dipimpin oleh seorang warga negara India.

  • Ketika layanan DTH gratis pertama Dish TV diluncurkan pada tahun 2003, ia berfokus pada daerah pedesaan dan daerah lain di mana jaringan kabel tidak ada. Alasan untuk ini adalah juga fakta bahwa – pada titik waktu itu mereka dapat mengatur untuk menawarkan sekitar 48 saluran hanya sebagai melawan 60 saluran yang ditawarkan oleh jaringan kabel dan juga beberapa saluran terkemuka tidak mendaftar salurannya dengan Dish. Dalam rentang waktu 2 tahun perusahaan ini mampu mendapatkan sekitar 3,5 lakh pelanggan.
  • Prasar Bharati memulai DD Direct Plus pada tahun 2004. Ia juga menawarkan layanan gratis.
  • Layanan Tata Langit DTH dimulai pada tahun 2006. Ini adalah usaha patungan antara Tata Group dan British Sky Broadcasting. Secara teknis lebih unggul dari Dish TV dalam hal kualitas gambar dan audio dan lebih banyak jumlah saluran. Oleh karena itu Tata Sky mendekati basis pelanggan di kota-kota dan kota-kota metro. Layanan berbayar yang ditawarkan dengan DTH Recharge harus dilakukan secara berkala.
  • Pada pertengahan dekade pertama tahun 2000, Dish TV telah mengakuisisi sejumlah transponder yang memungkinkan mereka untuk menawarkan jumlah saluran terbanyak pada waktu itu, yaitu sekitar 150 saluran.
  • Sun Direct DTH diluncurkan pada 2007
  • Airtel Digital TV dimulai pada tahun 2008
  • Reliance Digital TV memulai layanan DTH pada tahun 2008. Ini memiliki catatan mencapai 1 juta pelanggan dalam durasi tercepat – dalam waktu 3 bulan sejak diluncurkan.
  • Layanan Videocon d2h dimulai pada tahun 2009.
  • Semua penyedia layanan DTH mulai menawarkan saluran HD (High Definition) mulai tahun 2011 dan seterusnya yang dipimpin oleh Sun Direct yang menawarkan saluran HD untuk pertama kalinya di India pada tahun 2010.
  • Pada bulan Januari 2015, Videocon d2h mulai menawarkan untuk pertama kalinya di India saluran 4K Ultra HD.

Pada tahun 2011, dibuat wajib bagi semua operator DTH untuk menawarkan saluran secara al-carte bagi pelanggan berbayar.


How Apprenticeships Can Help the Catering Skills Shortfall

Food, recipes, dining out and healthy eating are everywhere we look. With reality TV shows inspiring chefs all over the country and celebrities keen to show off their culinary skills, it’s no wonder more and more young people are keen to train in this rapidly growing industry, and they are hungry, ambitious and ready to learn.

Staff Shortages

Amongst food industry professionals, it is well known that there is a shortage of available and qualified chefs. According to official data, there is a large turnover of staff amongst chefs, with 20% leaving the profession each year – equating to approximately 19,000 qualified professionals. The problem with this increase in demand is being made worse due to chefs coming under more and more pressure to obtain specific skills.

A recent report by Recruiter highlighted this problem in a recent article, stating the hotel and catering industry saw the biggest increase in demand for short-term staff.

Recruiting and Training

According to research, the catering sector will need 11,000 new chefs by the year 2022, but the number of students and apprentice chefs does not equate to these figures.

Amongst the many establishments requiring qualified kitchen staff are pubs, which notoriously have a poor record at holding on to staff working in the food area of their business.

To address this problem, businesses are now being encouraged to develop their own training plans and to offer opportunities to anyone they feel has the potential and the desire to obtain their chef qualifications. The idea behind the scheme is that existing staff can be incentivised to assist with the training. This has the added advantage of having the help on hand when they need it, as they can train their colleagues on the job. Tasks such as using the kitchen equipment and ordering the necessary catering supplies from companies such as can provide staff with vital skills for working in the restaurant industry.

With young people facing student loans and rises in the costs of living, many are feeling despondent and concerned about their futures. With initiatives like this being taken on by those working in the service industry, they have the opportunity to help fill the employment gap and help young people get a step on the career ladder in a growing market.…